About First Impression

Need help writing, editing or copy editing? Need to reinforce the text on your web site? Resumes, angry or complimentary correspondence, college or high school application essays, blog posts, shopping lists that will knock your socks off? I can even help polish your LinkedIn profile.

Let’s imagine you need to update your resume.  I usually meet with clients twice.  In the first meeting we’ll try to envision you in your next job; if you’re not sure exactly where you want to go, at least you’ll know what you like or hate doing, and what you love so much you’d do it for free.  From there we analyze your skills and achievements to identify what it is about you that gets you where you want to go, always keeping in mind what might appeal to the prospective employer.

Once we’ve incorporated these concepts into a draft, we begin to edit, always with an eye toward what will speak to the prospective employer. We analyze every word and phrase to determine if an unbiased reader will understand the ideas you’re trying to convey.  We’ll make sure you’re comfortable with every word. If I’ve suggested language that you don’t understand or that doesn’t clearly illustrate the image you want to impart, we’ll try out different wording until everything we say is in language that suits you.  By the time we’ve finished, you will have been through at least two practice interviews, because you will have to explain to me what you do.  You’ll be able to speak about your resume as if you’d written it yourself, since, in essence, you have.  Your participation in the writing and editing process will give you familiarity with the material and confidence in your qualifications.

I’m a former lawyer, a relentless editor and proofreader, and intensely precise in my writing.  I strive to produce plain, accessible language, since interviewers will look for any reason to discard your resume and have one fewer to read.  One of my main goals is to make it easy for the employer to find out who you are – no fancy fonts or layout, no wordy paragraphs or longwinded explanations.  Everything must be clear and sensible.

My way of working allows me to write for anyone in any field.  I’ve created resumes for doctors, nurses, teachers, lawyers, architects, accountants, artists, real estate people, rocket scientists (no kidding), sales representatives, engineers, recent graduates, biologists, and even parents reentering the work force.  As long as the client is able to express what she can do, I can help her compose an appealing and accessible resume.


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